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I am so annoyed by cities scheduling trick or treating. Why is that even a thing?

what?? Note the fucking date.


Fuck you, Portsmouth police. Halloween even fucking falls on a Friday this year, which makes it every kid’s favourite Halloween, because they can stay out even LATER.

Things have changed so much since I was a kid. We used to start just as it got dark. My parents would grab all the spare pillow cases in the house and take us not only around our neighbourhood, but all over the “rich neighbourhoods” in Vancouver and Portland. We often wouldn’t get home until almost midnight, and would have filled up ever single pillow case. If Halloween was on a weekday, we didn’t go to school the next day, because that was the day we sorted out the candy, bagged it up, and put it all in the big chest freezer.

Halloween was a fucking two day ordeal in our family. Now, I’m always surprised when I see more than three or four kids at the door. What happened to trick or treating?

Trick or Treat night has typically been the Thursday before Halloween, from 6-8pm for my local cities/townships for at least the last 25 years or so. :/ So I think the holiday has been slowly dying off for a while now.



-Jason tells Willie he knows he went to the Collins mausoleum-
“I know it was you. Willie. You have a habit of leaving your cigarette butts on the edges of things!”
#DarkShadows #dennispatrick #jasonmcguire #willieloomis #johnkarlen #gothic #horror

that is why smoking is bad for you.

I’m surprised Willie’s never burned down the Old House from such a habit.

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