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I seem to be on my mom’s shit list..

but I’m not sure why.

Whatever the case, she has been ignoring me & hardly said a few words to me since I came home yesterday.

This is not completely abnormal. Specially, I can remember a few years back, I stayed at the relative’s house (who my parents were presently pissed off at) for a night or two, for my cousin’s birthday. I came home on my birthday. They were nice enough to buy me a cake (probably before they became upset with me), but did not say a single word to me for that entire day.

So, that’s how things go.

Guess I’ll know for sure (or my mom will get over whatever is making her mad) by tomorrow, when we pick Chico up & when I’ll be required to help take care of him again.

But it’s just that constant feeling of walking around on eggshells around her that bothers me. And I think it’s getting worse.

It’s getting to the point where I can not offer any option differ from her own or can not express anything negative towards her at all. Heck, the other day, when I was sweeping the floor and she walked through the dirt, I mentioned what she did & she looked at me all offended. That’s my reality.

Chico Report

Well, Chico went back to the vet today. What we didn’t expect was that they were going to preform surgery on him again, as a hour later, we got a phone call to to come in & sign forms giving them consent, while they were working on him in the next room.

My parents don’t have the money, so I’m fronting the bill until they can pay me back or if it’ll just end up going towards future rent or something.

But our work taking care of him over the past few weeks is undone & we’re kinda back to square one, without the knowledge that this will be the last of his problems or if he’ll survive.

In other news, my car’s getting inspected today (fingers crossed & knock on wood that it doesn’t need anything) & my mom is back to yelling at my dad (and maybe me later, give it time).

Current Therapy

Watching whatever episodes of Frasier I can locate on Youtube. Over the past two weeks, I’ve been watching a lot of the latter episodes on local tv while watching Chico downstairs. And now I have a need to rewatch the early stuff.

Shipping Niles/Daphne as before, but I have strong Niles/Maris feels this time around. Gotta love those dysfunctional relationships.


Chico’s been having some problems. At his last vet visit, he only got a few more stitches out, mainly on account that he kept finding ways of cleaning himself even while wearing the cone.

Well, I did at least manage to staple a 2nd cone of shame (which previously was used by one of my kitties) onto his, to extend it. That seems to have prevented him from getting to his stitches but..

Today, we’ve noticed a hole in his leg where it seems a stitch was busted. Also, for the past two days, he’s been accidently peeing while resting on the floor. The vet says his new pain medicine might be causing it, so we’ve cut that out today, but unless it’s stress or something else which is causing if his kidneys are shutting down??

Also, everyone’s stressed and yelling at everyone else (save for me, I can’t get away with yelling). My dad can’t help us with watching Chico much, but then he works (early shifts) and has to go to bed early.

I still don’t have a job, been out of work nearly a year. And am seemingly blacklisted out of retail positions from being ‘let go’ at my last job. 

But I do at least still have money, and my rent is paid up until Sept, from my parents borrowing money from me. And they’re still living paycheck to paycheck..occasionally needing to borrow more money from me.

And I turn 31 in 8 days. I’d just like to go out on that day. Take advantage of seeing a free movie if the movie theater still runs that deal. It would also be nice to have a cake and a pizza. I’ll see what happens.

But poor Chico. He’s a strong cat, but I’m coming to simply expect the worse incase things don’t work out. We’ve been taking care of him for the past 3 weeks, but after seeing the amount of stitches around his crotch, that freakin’ hole in his skin between the creases of his leg and how he keeps having accidents, I just don’t know if he’s gonna get better.

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