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Somehow tonight, I ended up in the mood for looking up info and titles of infamous educational shorts, much like the ones featured on MST3K & Rifftrax. So far I’ve learned that the director/writer of Carnival of Souls also did many films for Centron. But alas, Centron later had to sell its company to the Cornet (bastards).

Also, clueless Nick of What to Do On a Date fame returned in the above feature, Guidance Counselling: The Benefits of Looking Ahead. Where Nick learns that if he doesn’t change his ways, he’ll end up a ‘bum’, who while has an apartment & food, has to live with the horror of wearing a torn sweater!


Magnificent sequence of Kiki’s kind nature to help her elderly customer bake a pie in a traditional method, even costing her health and engaging activities in order to deliver the goods to the birthday party of her customer’s granddaughter. It shows that no matter how hard you work, sometimes it goes under-appreciated. In truth, you and I have been in that situation before. The beauty of Studio Ghibli films is that we can relate to a lot of the hardships these characters go through in a very realistic circumstance.


Anonymous asked:

Sorry about your mom and you, hope everything works out for the better!

Thank you!

At the moment, things are rather calms, so peace has been restored!

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